Does Your Retirement Account Need a Boost?

Do you need  to boost your retirement savings?

Let me show you how RYZE.Ai and Hodo Global may help.

Are you saving enough for retirement? Are you confident you will be able to enjoy the retirement you will have worked an entire lifetime to earn? If not read on and I will show you one way to help you boost your earnings and grow your account faster.

If the answer above was no, don’t feel alone. Most Americans now find themselves in this predicament of not having enough savings for retirement. If you are one of them don’t despair. There is probably enough time to recover even if retirement is only 5 years away. My goal in this post is to show you a way to accomplish the recovery and help provide financial security in your golden years.

Why do I say you aren’t alone?

If you are like many people your retirement savings are look very bleak. According to CNBC the median amount of savings an American between 50 and 55 years old is $8,000 and between 56 and 61 years old is only about $17,000. The graph below shows the median savings at various age brackets over a recent 15 year period. You will notice how the financial crisis devastated the average person’s retirement savings. This graph is only through 2013 and my guess would be that the average has continued its upwards trend since then but the averages are still nowhere near where they need to be.


CNBC Retirement Graph

CNBC Retirement Graph


How much do you need?

What people think they need:

Okay, we have determined that most people don’t think they have enough saved for retirement, but how much do they think they need? According to a report in Merrill Edge people have widely different ideas of what they will need, as shown in the graph from the article shown below.

How much do you think you will need? Are you on a path to get there?

Retirement Need

What People Think Their Retirement Needs Are


What experts say you need:

To be financially ready to retire by 67, retirement-plan provider Fidelity Investments says you should aim to have eight times your salary saved by age 60.

The answer is highly personal, and specific dollar amounts can be arbitrary, but according to retirement-plan provider Fidelity Investments, a good rule of thumb is to have 10 times your final salary in savings if you want to retire by age 67. Full article here.

Fidelity also suggests a timeline to use in order to get to that magic number:

  • By 30: Have the equivalent of your salary saved
  • By 40: Have three times your salary saved
  • By 50: Have six times your salary saved
  • By 60: Have eight times your salary saved
  • By 67: Have 10 times your salary saved

What about social security?

Many people seem to be relying almost entirely on social security. According to the Motley Fool article, “Americans’ Average Social Security Benefit at Age 66“, the average American who begins collecting at age 66 collects $1,404 per month. Yes, you read that right, $1,404 per month. Are you one of those people who are looking at meager retirement savings? Can you realistically survive on $1,404 per month in your retirement? I think most people will say no.

How do you recover?

After looking at the numbers above and looking where you are today, many people will wonder; “How do I recover?”. I will attempt to show you one possible path below that has two components. The first is to make sure your money is working for you. Just as Warren Buffet says in his famous quote, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”, you need your money working for you while you sleep. The second is to increase your earnings. Together these can transform your future.


Let’s say you had the opportunity to use an automatic, hands-free artificial intelligence algorithm to trade currencies and earn money to grow an account. Let’s say that this program was available to you with a starting mount of as little as $500. Yes, the type of program that was formerly the exclusive domain of investment banks, hedge funds and very high net worth individuals is now available to you through a company called Hodo Global and a program called RYZE.Ai. While past performance does not guarantee future results, the returns have been excellent in the past. Some recent weekly results are shown below:


REZI.AI Weekly Performance as of April 14, 2017

Also, let’s say you have ten years until you want to retire and that you could start with $2,000 to start a new or supplemental account to what you already may have. A hypothetical example is shown below that illustrates the weekly growth using results similar to those above. The growth below does not factor taxes into account. It assumes you are using a tax-deferred account.

Sample Account Growth

Sample Account Growth


Using this example, the account illustrated above, which started with only $2,000, would generate approximately $725 per week in proceeds to the owner after 10 years. That’s almost $3,000 per month in potential income. Add in social security(using average)  and you are up to $4,400 per month. Does that sound better?

Note: Past performance is no guarantee of future results and there is no guarantee that RYZE.Ai will continue to generate then level of performance it has recently. Actual performance may vary from the example above.

This example is only meant to illustrate that a recovery is possible.

To learn more about RYZE.Ai watch the videos below and attend the Thursday RYZE.Ai Webinar.

Time to RYZE

RYZE.AI Videos

How else could Hodo Global and RYZE.Ai help?

You have the opportunity to have a business of your own through Hodo Global as well. This gives you multiple additional benefits. First, if you earn from your business it gives you more funds to save. For more information on how a Hodo Global business works click here or click on the image below to watch some indroductory videos. You can also attend a Monday Hodo Global Webinar for more information. With the tools provided you can build a business that can help you achieve your financial goals and realize the type of retirement lifestyle you deserve. However, you must take action and start. The results you get are dependent upon the effort you put into the endeavor.

Hodo Global Business Overview

Hodo Global Business Overview

Secondly, having a business allows you to take advantage of tax deductions that may not be available to you now. These leave more money in your pocket which also can be used to increase your savings.


The RYZE.Ai technology from Hodo Global may be something that can have significant value for you. If you are interested, please watch the videos, attend a webinar or drop me an email at and we can set up a time to talk.

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Zin Zhang - Hodo Global

Zin Zhang – Hodo Global





10 thoughts on “Does Your Retirement Account Need a Boost?

  1. Dan

    My partner and I sat down last week to talk about money and how we can start putting more down for savings. It’s scary that even now we hardly have a savings for retirement. I don’t know how Americans save any money especially with our daycare and health insurance payments over half our income. We are always looking for ways to save for retirement and this post was helpful. Thanks

    1. Xin Zhang Post author

      I am glad that you found this post to be helpful. You are correct that many people find it very difficult to save for retirement or to save at all for that matter. There was a very interesting book I read many years ago, called the Richest Man in Babylon, that explains a simple principle that perhaps can assist or at least give you a different perspective on saving. In the book the author starts with a simple premise, that 10% of all you earn belongs to you. As a result, whenever you get a paycheck the first thing you do is take 10% and put it into savings. You then never spend this savings. You can invest it, just not spend it. If you are interested, click on the link to the book or you can probably get it at your library.
      As far as RYZE.Ai goes, it could be one place for a person to put a portion of their retirement funds in order to increase the overall returns of their retirement savings. Hodo Global also can provide a way to increase your earnings which would allow you to increase the inflow into your retirement savings as well. Please email me at and I would be happy to set up a time to discuss further.

      1. Omar

        It’s funny you mentioned the Richest Man in Babylon because I’ve just re-read it 2 days ago. It’s funny how you read a book and get some ideas and if you come back to it, months or years later, you can get a totally new perspective on it. This is what happened to me and I have now decided to invest some money in both Ryze.AI and in my financial education. If you have any ideas where I could start educating myself, please let me know.

        Have emailed you and looking forward to talking more about this.

        1. Xin Zhang Post author

          Hello Omar,
          It is true that books can stick with you and years later you are in a particular situation and recall something you read a long time ago that is now a great benefit to you. I also recall stories from this book every now and then. I think I will write a blog just about the lessons contained in it for people to use. As far as educating yourself more on trading, I have a section on my website with specific article on different trading tools, methodologies and techniques. The link is .
          If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to post here or send me an email to

  2. Leo

    I guess everyone would want to boost their retirement savings! Who would mind the extra cash! However there are many pitfalls over the internet and such. Everyone must be aware that there are risk in everything you do, especially more so if it concerns money. I tried trading and investing but lost quite a bit of money because I was unaware and foolish and tried to trade without sufficient expertise. I hope that people will not repeat my mistakes and instead use a system that has generated good results over time like the RYZE.Ai seems to do. I would recommend looking at the track record and start with a smaller investment to prove it out before jumping in big. I will be watching for a while to see how this does. Keep me posted. Thx, Leo

    1. Xin Zhang Post author

      Hello Leo,

      Sorry to hear that you have been burned in the past. I have been involved in trading for a long time and have seen many people fall for get rich quick schemes. I have seen places claim to generate wild profits of 30% or more a month. Another promised you would double your money in 30 days. People fall for them all the time. I would much rather have steady consistent returns of a few percent per month as RYZE.Ai has done. This allows you to really build wealth over time. As they say, past performance does not guarantee future results but it does give you a good idea of how a system performs. Check out a recent weekly performance report and watch for a new one every week. When you are comfortable drop me an email to and we can set up a time to talk. Thanks for your comments.



  3. James Harvey

    Making more money while on the clock is always a good thing. Even it’s it for retirement. I love what you have here the information and graphs are all easy to read and understand. I’m 41 and still have a ways to go before retirement. But I will defiantly bookmark and save this site. I can use a lot of the information you provided here.

    1. Xin Zhang Post author

      Hello James,

      You are correct. It is essential that people find a way to earn besides their job if they want financial security. As Warren Buffet said, “If you don’t find a way to earn while you are sleeping, you will work until you die.” This is true.

      Another factor is time, the longer you have before retirement the easier it is to reach your goals. There are obviously many ways to earn while you sleep. In my article on RYZE.Ai and Hood Global I cover one way to earn more. I am glad you found it interesting and informative.

      If you need more information leave me another comment, send me an email at or attend the Thusday evening webinar on RYZE.Ai.



  4. Maxx

    Hey, That is good to know that there is the alternative way to boost my retirement funds. I believe most of it didn’t know what should save up for our retirement and this including myself.

    As you mentioned, u also draft up a clear map to me that social security is just not enough to cover up my expenses that period of time when I reach the age. Will need to start with putting some funds aside and take part on above.

    So lucky I found your article.

    Thank you

    1. Xin Zhang Post author


      I am happy that I could assist you in learning more about how much it is recommended that you save for retirement and how much social security will provide. For many people retirement seems very far off and not a worry, so they procrastinate and say they will start later. Unfortunately, the earlier you start the easier it is to achieve your goals.

      Other people are in their 50’s and suddenly retirement becomes very real and yet they have expenses, kids in college, medical bills and other things that seem to eat up all their income. They realize they aren’t saving enough or that their savings aren’t earning enough but they don’t know what to do and are frozen by worry.

      I hope my article helps these people to understand that it isn’t to late, they just need to take action.

      For those younger readers, I hope I also inspire them to think and take action as well.




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