About Me (Xin Zhang)

Xin-1About Xin

Hello everyone, my name is Xin Zhang and I have been looking for ways to generate income on my schedule for many years. During this time I have tried a number of businesses and systems but none worked out to my satisfaction until I began HODO Global and the currency trading program RYZI.AI.

The reason I created this site was to help other people, like you, avoid some of the learning curve I went through and begin building your financial future. I am going to share my experiences with you and the things I have learned by trial and error over the years.

If you find that what I am saying captivates your interest, please share your thoughts. I love to get feedback on my content (good or bad) to help me improve.

I will be sharing my experiences and my results. I will also share the experiences I gain and my thoughts on the tools and systems used.

If you ever want feedback or support for your efforts or want more specifics on how to begin, please feel free to connect. Simply leave your comment below.

I also do currency trading on my own and I may post some trading tidbits here which some people may find of interest.

I wish you all the best!



Albuquerque, New Mexico USA