2 thoughts on “goTripSpin: More Things to do in Bangkok

  1. Brenda

    Lumpini Park looks like a great place to take a romantic walk with your loved one. I’ve did a bit of research on it and it looks breathtaking from what I can tell. I’ve always wanted to visit Bangkok but because of time and money constraints, I haven’t yet. Now, with this discount from TripSpin, I might just finally go there! I’m very excited at the prospect of riding a Tuk-Tuk which I’ve seen in movies and always liked and also take a ride on a motorcycle taxi.

    1. Xin Zhang Post author

      Hello Brenda,
      I am happy that the second of my Bangkok blogs has inspired you to look at booking a trip. I try to include interesting things to see in do in each location. Bangkok was easy for me because we have been there quite a few times and have lives in Laos as well and often went to Thailand on the weekend.
      We always enjoy walking around in nice parks and Lumpini Park is very nice. There aren’t many places where can see monitor lizards strolling around.
      You are correct that the prices available on my Tripspin SNAP website are tremendously good. The savings you can get are enormous. If you have any questions, please drop me an email to Xin@gotripspin.com.


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