Hodo Global Offers RYZE.Ai with Summer Special Subscription Fee of $99

Headline: Hodo Global Offers RYZE.Ai with Summer Special Subscription Fee of $99


Hodo Global’s flagship currency trading program called RYZE.AI is now available at a special subscription price of $99. Individuals and companies interested in profiting from currency trading will find this automated system a great addition to their portfolio. The returns have been consistent and can be seen on my website in the  RYZE.Ai system performance blog at http://fxtradingincome.com/category/ryze-ai-weekly-performance.

RYZE.Ai Summer Special Promotion

RYZE.Ai Summer Special Promotion

PR Body:

Washington, PA (June 27, 2017) – The currency trading market trades over $5.4 trillion dollars a day. The biggest challenge for currency traders is the speculative element. RYZE.Ai is a platform to solve this challenge and ensure more profits for the trader. RYZE.Ai is an Artificial Intelligence platform for trading in currencies and commodities. This platform has a proprietary logarithm that acts as a bridge liquidity provider eliminating the speculative element in trading. RYZE.Ai trades the currency market on behalf of the trader using its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) logic. This program is for individuals, who wish to earn attractive returns on a weekly basis.

RYZE.AI uses QuaintIQ the logic provided by the Quaint Wave Superposition Algorithm. This logic is written in MQL4 language for the MT4 platform. The system is robust and secure as it is cloud hosted and secured with 128 bit AES encryption.

Learn About RYZE.Ai

Learn How to Profit with RYZE.Ai

To use RYZE.Ai, which is a currency trading system that will help the users to earn trading profits for their trading accounts people must subscribe at http://zhangxin.ryzeai.com. People who subscribe now will get $100 off the normal initial subscription fee. Currently there is a summer promotion offer for this tool for $99, where the normal cost is $199.

About Hodo Global:

Hodo Global is a disruptive technology company that has revolutionary products in two huge industries. These are the RYZE.Ai artificial intelligence algorithm for the Forex or Currency trading market and the TripSpin travel search engine and booking tool for the travel industry. The two industries account for trillions of dollars of business and now individuals have access to tools that allow them to profit from them.

In addition to making profits with these innovative products, HODO subscribers can introduce other consumers to these products and enjoy more benefits in various forms of compensation.

For more details on RYZE.Ai, please visit http://fxtradingincome.com/ryze-ai-summer-special-promotion.


RYZE.Ai is a fantastic system for generating steady, consistent returns in your trading account. You will see you account grow week after week and month after month.

As for myself, I am a blogger and business owner and investor who writes about currency trading and travel. My blogs are filled with information about RYZE,Ai and the other Hodo Global products and I am always willing to answer questions and work with partners in different countries to allow people to prosper in these industries. I encourage people to leave comments on my blogs and to ask me specific questions on RYZE.Ao or anything else. If you are ready to use RYZE.Ai send me an email and I will step you through the process over the phone.

To know more, visit http://FXTradingIncome.com

Xin Zhang

Email: Xin@goRYZE.com

Website: http://zhangxin.ryzeai.com

Blog: http://goRYZE.com

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