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3 Incredible Ideas for What to Do with a Free Website


Questions: Can I really have a website for free?

Answer: Yes, you can have a website for free. In fact, you can have two free websites.

Really, you can have not one but two free websites that you can use to create whatever you desire with them. You will also have access to all the training and support you need to learn how to build and populate your site for free. This includes, training on how to build your website, training on how to write content, training on how to attract visitors (traffic) to your website and training on how to rank high in Google searches. We can also teach you how to effectively use social media to promote your website.

Many people would like to have an online business and make money online but they see two main obstacles:

  1. Cost – We eliminate this concern by offering free of charge not only one but two free websites for you to build into whatever you desire. You don’t even need a credit card.
  2. Don’t Know How – The second concern is also eliminated because we give you free access to all the tools and training you need to create your new website.

Now there really is no reason not to get started online.

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The next question is what would you do with a free website?

No ideas? Maybe the ideas below will inspire you.

Incredible Idea Number 1 – Turn Your Hobby into Your Online Niche

Do you have a hobby you really love or enjoy? Or something you enjoy and want to do more? This can be anything you think of. I recently wrote an entire article in great detail on this topic which you can read here.


Cooking at Home

If for example, you love to cook but opening your own restaurant is out of reach, you can make your website relate to cooking. You can write articles describing how to cook certain dishes step by step and post recipes. You can even record videos to show the steps and techniques, even put on clinics on how to cook or prepare certain foods or dishes. We can show you how to simply upload your videos to your own YouTube channel and you will have your own mini version of the Food Network Channel!

Question: This sounds great, but how can I earn money from this website?

Answer: Through Affiliate Marketing.

Question: What is affiliate marketing?

Answer: Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting the sale of other people’s products in exchange for a commission, usually a percentage of the sales price.

Question: How would this work for my cooking website?

Answer: You would sign up as an Amazon Affiliate which is Amazon.com’s affiliate program. Then you would select products related to the specific article you are writing and copy and insert the affiliate link into your article. Let’s say your article has something to do with steaming vegetables, so you could insert the two affiliate links below into your article. If someone click on either link, goes to Amazon.com and buys something, you get paid.


Amazon makes it really easy to promote items and to put affiliate linked descriptions, like those above on your site. Amazon sells millions of products, so you can promote anything from cooking tools, pots and pans, knives, kitchen appliances, the latest high end knives for chefs, unusual cooking oils or spices and on and on. You won’t run out of things to promote, I can assure you. Then if a person clicks on something from your website and goes to Amazon.com and purchases something, Amazon will pay you a commission, as shown below in the commission table.

Product CategoryFixed Ad Fee Rates
Electronics Products4%
Television Products2%
PC Component Products2.5%
Kindle tablets, Kindle e-readers and Fire Phone4%
Amazon Fire TV and Echo7%
Amazon MP3 Products5%
Amazon Video Products5%
Game Downloads Products10%
Gift Cards Redeemable on Amazon.com6%
Gift Cards Not Redeemable on Amazon.com4%
Amazon Coins10%
Grocery Products (including Prime Pantry)4%
Video Game Console Products1%
Headphone Products6%
DVD Products4%
Industrial Products8%
Products Available on MyHabit.com8%
Handmade Products4%
Jewelry Products **10%

 The great thing about the Amazon Associates program in addition to the fact that it gives you a limitless number of products to promote, is that if a person clicks on one of your links to a specific food processor , then goes to Amazon and buys something completely different, you still get paid by Amazon. So to repeat, even if they buy something  completely unrelated, Amazon will pay you!

This is just one way you can earn money on your site.

Incredible Idea Number 2 – Make an Established Affiliate Program Your Website

If you aren’t ready to jump right in and build your hobby into your online business, don’t worry there are other things to do with your free website and earn money online.

 One of the best and easiest ways is to build a website promoting a program specifically designed or affiliate marketers. There are a great number of these programs out there and people can earn a great income with a website designed to sell these programs. However, there are a large number of these programs that are more or less just scams or have endless up-sells where they charge you for another tool or more training every time you try to do something. You want to avoid that and I can show you how.

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One advantage for this second idea is that everything is laid out for you and much of the sales materials are also developed and available for your use. We have the training, tools and marketing methods all specifically designed for you to use and leverage on your website. We also have training to lead you step by step through the entire process of creating and building your website, writing content and marketing your website in this online niche.

This is a very good place to start because the tools, training, tutorials, and resources available to support you are incredibly broad and detailed.

Incredible Idea Number 3 – Expand and Promote your Offline Business

Let’s say you have a cleaning business.

Question: How do people find you?

Answer: They pick up their mobile phones, go to their Google search and search for cleaning companies in the area.

You can increase your calls by going online and increase your earnings through affiliate marketing. For example, you can build your site and promote it to increase your traditional cleaning business and leverage affiliate marketing to expand into sales and increase your earnings. You can promote all kinds of things on your website. you could promote cleaning products, vacuum cleaners, carpet shampoo machines, those little floor cleaning robots. You could even do some marketing to promote a second website from idea number 2.

This allows you to build both your offline and online businesses at the same time.

One great advantage to this idea is that unlike now, your business would be open and earning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Let’s take thanksgiving as an example, your traditional business would be closed but people are still searching online and buying things. In fact, the Black Friday weekend is the biggest shopping time of the year. According to Forbes people spent $4.5 Billion dollars online on Back Friday and Thanksgiving day. Full article here. So, if someone is searching for a local place to buy vacuum  cleaners finds your site and places an order which would be shipped directly from Amazon, you would get paid by Amazon while you are home eating turkey and watching football with your family. this is the power of an online business.


I have shown you the main two reasons people hesitate to open an online business and I have shown you how to overcome these obstacles. I have shown you multiple paths to establishing your online niche or business.

Are you ready to get started for free? (You don’t even need a credit card)

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If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below or drop me an email and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.