2 thoughts on “TripSpin SNAP – Incredible 15 Day London Cruise Deal

  1. Kelly

    I used to work as a travel consultant in Perth, Australia. Australians are now the leaders in cruise bookers, (we actually overtook Americans), so I was booking cruises all the time. I can definitely confirm that this is a good price for this cruise!

    1. Xin Zhang Post author

      Hi Kelly,
      Australia is on our list of places to visit and New Zealand as well. I did not realize that Australians are now the leading cruise bookers. I may have to write a few blogs on cruises from Australia now and see how popular they are. Yes, you are correct, this is a fabulous price for this cruise. I have a friend that has taken over 125 cruises and the prices are so exceptional that he books everything through TripSpin now. Actually, he has written an ebook on cruising which is jam packed with great tips for those who haven’t cruised before and even for experienced cruisers. If you read this and register for your free TripSpin Snap account on my site http://zhangxin.tripspin.com/snap I will send you a copy absolutely free.

      Please let me know if I can be of assistance in any way and don’t forget to grab the free ebook!




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