2 thoughts on “TripSpin SNAP – Incredible Las Vegas Hotel Deal

  1. Jóhann H Ragnarsson

    Looks great! No question I will check it when I go to Las Vegas.

    About the account, I heard for first time today about account you can´t stop using so I want to ask, if for some strange reason (you newer know!) I want to quit this account, is it a problem?

    1. Xin Zhang Post author

      Hello Johann,
      The TripSpin Snap account is free for a person to use for life. You can also use it or stop using it at any time. There is absolutely no obligation of any kind. If you find a great travel deal there you can book it through the free account and save. If you find a better deal elsewhere, you can book there. Usually TripSpin Snap will beat the major travel sites over 70% of the time, so that is why people use it time after time. However, quitting at any time is no problem.
      I am currently in Las Vegas at the Westgate Hotel which I booked in the article above. I have taken lot of pictures and videos and should post my first blog from here tomorrow. So stay tuned and see all the fun over the next week.


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