What is Hodo Global?

What is Hodo Global?

Hodo Global

Hodo Global

HODO Global is a disruptive platform that gives you the tools to setup your business such that you have insider information before the other players can get to it. HODO has come up with the innovative RYZE.AI for Forex trading, and TripSpin for the travel industry. These are some the top traded industries each year amounting to tens of trillions of dollars.

In addition to making profits  with these innovative products, HODO subscribers can introduce other consumers to these products and enjoy more benefits in various forms of compensation.

They say information is power. What if you had a platform where you could profit from some of the most heavily traded industries in the world and lived the life that you wanted?  Working few hours, travelling and making money while you sleep is what HODO Global is all about.


Learn About RYZE.Ai

Learn How to Profit with RYZE.Ai

The currency trading market moves $5.4 trillion dollars a day. The biggest challenge for currency traders is the speculative element. RYZE.Ai is a platform to solve this challenge and ensure more profits for the trader. RYZE.Ai is an Artificial Intelligence platform for trading in currencies and commodities. This platform has a proprietary logarithm that acts as a bridge liquidity provider eliminating the speculative element in trading. RYZE.Ai trades the currency market on behalf of the trader using its innovative AI logic.

RYZE.AI uses QuaintIQ the logic provided by the Quaint Wave Superposition Algorithm. This logic is written in MQL4 language for the MT4 platform. The system is robust and secure as it is cloud hosted and secured with 128 bit AES encryption.

RYZE.AI is able to transact at speeds that a human cannot. In the US alone, the demand and supply offers top $1 trillion dollars a day. The sheer volume of these offers makes a price whipsaw; the prices moving at incredible speeds. The price volatility created by the whipsaw presents opportunity for making arbitrage profits.  RYZE.Ai keeps up with the price whiplash and takes advantage as a bridge liquidity provider making profits of different trading positions.

How RYZE.AI works

The currency market moves in waves. These form due to different peaks of demand and supply. These waves are calibrated in periods of 5,15,30, and 60 minutes, and, every 4 hours and at the end of the day. RYZE.Ai places both short and long positions. It automatically configures for a supply mode when the market is overbought, and demand mode when the market is in oversold.

The platform clusters the positions in groups. It then opens an inventory and sets a limit above and below the current price so as not to miss opportunities around that price.  RYZE.Ai cancels positions too far from the price and changes the value and basket in real time.

RYZE.Ai incorporates money management in the trading. The software intelligently places positions from a few to hundreds of points apart such that there is a balance between working capital and equity in the account. You set the exposure desired and leave RYZE.Ai to work around having as minimal exposure as possible. RYZE.Ai works around the calibration set to trade at hundreds of positions in maximizing profit and limiting exposure. You can then choose between two strategies to success; long term growth strategy where daily profits are allowed to accumulate larger working capital, or cash flow strategy where you funds the accounts depending on the profits desired.

RYZE.AI has been perfected over the last 5 years after extensive development by mathematicians and silicon programmers.


TripSpin from Hodo Global

TripSpin from Hodo Global

This is another innovative platform by HODO Global for travelers and people in the travelling business. TripSpin is a powerful search engine that gets the best deals for you. The deals acquired by this platform are often much cheaper than what the other travel sites offer.

TripSpin users can get deals for group travel, destination weddings, retreat, family reunions and customized trips.  There are weekly deals and offers for cruise and land tours.

Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averaged $2.7 billion a day, $113.1 million an hour, $1.9 million a minute and $31,400 a second.

TripSpin Subscribers Get Exclusive Access To:

  • Rates that beat other booking sites 80%-90% of the time
  • 110% Best Price Guarantee
  • 400,000+ Top Brand Hotels and Resorts
  • Bonus Week Resorts starting at $99/week
  • Cruise Discounts and Rebates
  • Significant Discounts on shopping, dining, gift cards, and entertainment
  • Reward Points on EVERY PURCHASE that can be used as cash on the TripSpin website

TripSpin users get even better deals when they share their subscription with other travelers.  When you introduce people to TripSpin they get 50% off and you earn reward and bonus points. These could redeem for travel and holiday offers.

When using TripSpin, you will earn points for every purchase you make besides the savings you make. These points can be redeemed for different rewards like trips, gift cards, food and drinks. These points can be redeemed even after 10 years.

Subscribing for TripSpin offers tons of benefits. You are able to build a business around the lifestyle you always desired. You will have a powerful search engine that always shows the best deals in the market, you will have a personalized travel affiliate website such that you don’t have to set up from scratch, you can sell to as many people as you want, and you will get lots of bonuses for doing all this.

TripSpin SNAP from Hodo Global

TripSpin SNAP from Hodo Global

TripSpin SNAP:

As a TripSpin Subscriber, you are able to share a link to a travel booking site called “SNAP” to family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances, allowing them to save money on their travel, while you earn Bonus Rewards Points from any travel bookings they book. You are then able to use these Reward Points for “Lifestyle” products and services, paying for own personal travel, creating deep discounts for yourself or even travel completely free! Checkout SNAP prices.

Click to GET Free SNAP Account and Save!


Deductr Expense Tracker

Deductr Expense Tracker for Hodo Global


  • Once subscribed Hodo Global Partners will receive a welcome email from Deductr with instructions for downloading the App
  • Then begin tracking the dollars you spend and the miles you drive to take complete advantage of the tax benefits that come with owning your own business.
  • The Deductr App turns the time consuming hassle of keeping track of receipts, bank statements, and mileage logs andmkes it automatic.

Why HODO Global?

Subscribing to HODO Global offers you a unique opportunity to achieve your potential by engaging in the activities you always wanted to exploit.  HODO Global ensures that you have passive income even as you pursue other ventures. You will have the chance to lead a stress-free lifestyle.

Hodo Global

Hodo Global – The Right Path

You can have the lifestyle you desire sooner rather than later. This could have been only possible after years of stressful work and probably only in your retirement. With HODO Global, you can have a shot at what you want here and now. It is not a big budget business you are starting up. you are simply doing what you do in your daily life, which is tell other people about the exciting opportunities that have come your way courtesy of HODO Global, and you get to lead the jet set lifestyle for it.


If you have questions on any of the services described above, please attend a Monday Evening Webinar or a Thursday Evening Webinar, check for events in your area, leave a comment below or email me and we can set up a time to talk in person.

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