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HODO Global is a lifestyle innovations company with revolutionary products. HODO Global has chosen to change the lives of its subscribers using two of the biggest industries in the world, the travel industry and the currency trading or Forex market.

 HODO has Tripspin which is a search engine for travel and tourism packages. It has also presented RYZE.Ai which is an artificial intelligence currency trading platform.

Why the Travel and Currency Industries?

One of the reasons is that these are both gigantic, growing industries with the opportunity for innovation which is what Hodo Global brings to both of these markets.

The travel and tourism industry is worth $8 trillion dollars currently. In the next 10 years, this is expected to grow to $12 trillion. This is one of the best industries to invest in for a person who enjoys a certain kind of lifestyle that includes traveling, meeting new people and discovering new things in life.

The global currency trading market is the biggest market of any kind. Over $5 trillion dollars of currency trading is done each day over the world. These are staggering amounts but the size offers opportunities. The currency market trades 24 hours, five days a week a day due to differences in time zones in the world. The market opens Monday morning Sydney Australia time and follows the sun around the world, closing Friday afternoon here in the USA, which is the end of Friday back in Australia.

The biggest challenge for currency traders has always been the element of speculation due to the volatility of the market. With Ryza.Ai, HODO Global has significantly reduced the risk exposure involved making it easier to generate profits.

How Does RYZE.Ai Reduce Speculative Risk?

The RYZE.Ai algorithm operates as a market liquidity provider. The RYZE.Ai algorithm operates under two main principles to buy and sell positions in the Currency or Forex market. The two main principles of the RYZE.Ai algorithm are:

  1. Liquidity Provider: Because RYZE.Ai is in the market at all times and holds an inventory of open positions (24 hours a day, 5 days a week) it acts as a liquidity provider. For this reason this the RYZE.Ai algorithm is simply functioning from the supply and demand of the market.
  2. The RYZE.Ai algorithms also executes high frequency trades to take advantage or market conditions.

Both of these trading methodologies are normally out of the reach of individual investors and are the reserve of investment banks, hedge funds or institutional investors. However, with RYZE.Ai and Hodo Global you can open an account with as little as $500.

Making Money with Ryza Ai

I know anyone can make money with RYZE.Ai. How can I make such a bold statement confidently? Because I have experienced it and seen the actual returnsI publish the returns each week (I am actually a still catching up) on my blog. You can see the results of each week under RYZE.Ai Weekly Performance. Read the blogs and see the actual results for yourself.

Learn About RYZE.Ai

Learn How to Profit with RYZE.Ai

RYZE.Ai is a powerful artificial intelligence logic platform that does trading on behalf of the user aiming at minimizing losses and maximizing profits by placing different trades in currency trading. The platform does this by acting as a bridge liquidity provider which means that the platform uses unique and proprietary trade positioning strategy to eliminate speculation.

This is enabled by deployment of the Quantum Wave Superposition algorithm which creates the QuaintIQ platform   a powerful AI logic system written by top mathematicians and Silicon Valley programmers.

How Does RYZE.Ai Work?

This is how Ryza AI works. The currency market moves in waves. These form due to different peaks of demand and supply. These waves are calibrated in time periods of 5, 15,30, and 60 minutes, and also every 4 hours and at the end of the day. Ryze AI places both short and long positions. It automatically configures for a supply mode when the market is overbought, and demand mode when the market is in oversold.

The platform clusters the positions in groups. It then opens an inventory and sets a limit above and below the current price so as not to miss opportunities around that price. Ryze cancels positions too far from the price and changes the value and basket in real time.

Ryze incorporates money management in the trading. The software intelligently places positions from a few to hundreds of points apart such that there is a balance between working capital and equity in the account. You set the exposure desired and leave Ryze to work around having as minimal exposure as possible. Ryze works around the calibration set to trade at hundreds of positions in maximizing profit and limiting exposure.

You can choose between two strategies to maximizing your profits; long term growth strategy where daily profits are allowed to accumulate larger working capital, or cash flow strategy where you funds the accounts depending on the profits desired.

Making Money with Tripspin

‘Life is a trip, take a spin.’ This is the slogan behind Tripspin. HODO partners can do more than enjoy a spin around the world. They can also make money selling affordable packages to enthusiastic travellers and other fun lovers.

Tripspin is a powerful search engine that scours the web for the best packages in travel and tourism. Unlike other travel sites that pull data from only two sources (Priceline and Expedia), Tripspin uses proprietary methods to search for hidden offers that are a lot cheaper that what is on offer. See my latest Las Vegas trip as an example. This powerful search engine is able to return packages that are cheaper than what rival travel sites offer 80 to 90% of the time.

You can become a HODO Global partner and sell the offers found on Tripspin to other people. You make a profit as well as numerous non-cash benefits. As an example, say that you find an offer for a package to Rio costing at least $2000 on other travel sites. You will find a similar package for $1000 on Tripspin. You make savings worth $1000. When selling this package to your relatives or friends, they are given a discount of 50% of your savings. This would be %500. They would have to pay only $1500 meaning that they also save $500. On top of everyone being happy about the savings, you get reward and bonus points. The reward and bonus points accumulated can be redeemed for products and services such as vacations, gift cards, and fine dining among other exciting redeemable items.

Tools for Hodo Global Partners:

Every HODO Global partner is provided the tools to setup a successful business. These are included in the Retail Tracking Center (RTC). This includes:

  • 3 personalized affiliate websites for your customers to make direct bookings. You can customize this site in your own theme.
  • HODO central marketing system which has all the marketing tools you need to build your brand and promote your packages.
  • Support with tax savings calculations and expense tracking
  • A smartphone app to connect to the HODO network.

You can sell thousands of packages in travel and tourism including hotels, flights, cars, vacation homes, sail boats, yachts, river cruises, luxury homes, golfing tees, top brand hotels and resorts and much more. Your ability to make money is unlimited as you can sell to as many clients as you can find. You have the ability to offer people their own lifetime free TripSpin Snap travel search website where they can book travel and save huge. It costs nothing and they don’t have to be Hodo Global or TripSpin members to take advantage of the savings. To see just how much people can save, check out my TripSpin Blog.


As a HODO Global partner, you have the unique opportunity to make money in two money minting industries. You can live the life that you desire presently and not have to wait for the fates to change your fortunes. HODO has given you the power to choose an alternative lifestyle.

If you have questions or would like more information, attend a Monday evening Hodo Global Webinar or a Thursday evening RYZE.Ai webinar, watch the videos below or send me an email to to set up a time to talk in person.

RYZE.Ai Currency Trader

The RYZE.Ai Currency Trader Fully Automatic Trading System Using Artificial Intelligence from Hodo Global



Zin Zhang - Hodo Global

Zin Zhang – Hodo Global