Xin’s Independent Currency Trading – 3/8/2016 – Back to Winning!

Introduction to RYZE.Ai:

Swiss Franc Banknotes

Swiss Franc Banknotes

Individuals sometimes tell me that they really enjoy reading my Forex trading adventures and they would like to make money trading currencies or commodities like oil or gold but they don’t have the time to learn all the methodologies necessary to be really good at trading. If you are one of those people, there is an excellent program called RYZE.Ai by Hodo Global. I can show  you how this fully automatic artificial intelligence software program, which  I use to generate consistent profits in my trading account, day after day and week after week. Independent analysis shows RYZE.Ai has earned 3.06% per month on average. For more information, please watch the overview videos, read more of my detailed articles, attend a Thursday evening webinar , check for a RYZE.Ai seminar in your area or send me an email or set up a time to talk to me personally.

Currently there is a subscription special reducing the initial fee to only $99, a savings of $100. Read my bog about the special here.

Now back to “the best of” my personal trading:


I am posting a number of my older trades because in early 2017 my son became very ill and was in the hospital several weeks. He is much better now but my personal trading activities were greatly reduced for a number of months. However, the lessons learned earlier are still applicable today.


MetaTrader 4

As always, my daily trading articles will focus on the third way I make money trading with the Harmonic Scanner. Every day I will discuss about the trades I begin, the results of those trades and my decision making rationale or lack thereof. I will include the great trades, the poor trades, the amazing analysis I perform 😉 and my foolish mistakes to give you the full spectrum of emotions that a person will experience as a trader. My wish is for you to be entertained and find my discussions educational. So, please leave me your comments in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Please see my weekly trading reports where I will recap the week’s trades by the Master Traders and the outcome from the live trading room. 

 Independent Trading for 3/7/2016 – 3/8/2016

There was a Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen Harmonic Crab pattern signal that I got in the afternoon or evening and I scaled into the trade for a total of 5 positions. The trade moved steadily into profit and hit the first profit target before I went to bed, closing two positions. I did not get a screenshot of this trade for some reason. I must have been so busy scaling into the trade that I just completely forgot to capture a picture.


The false signals and the internet bugs of the past few days seem to be finally past. So, as a result, this morning was pretty uneventful. I looked at my trades from yesterday evening and all my open positions were stopped out at the higher profitable stops I put in before going to bed. These trades did not hit the the profit targets two and three but were closed out at profit. So, if you recall from last night (see above) my first two positions in this trade hit profit target one last night before I went to bed. Altogether, there were 5 profitable positions as part of this signal give on the Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen (CADJPY) hourly chart.

This morning there were no new signals from the Harmonic Scanner to analyze, which wasn’t a bad thing. It was far easier to enter the trades last evening than it has been to analyze things rally early in the morning under time pressure.

Lessons Learned

Learned Lesson # 1: I was in a trade that had decent profits and no valid signal. I should have either exited immediately or put in really close stops to keep my profits at that time. My decision to put in break-even stops was too lax. I should have kept better control of the trade due to the invalidation of the harmonic pattern/signal. The fact that I was unable to process the trade exits because my internet went down was unfortunate. I do not recall the internet going down before at this location in the two plus months we have been here. However, backup connectivity needs to be established.

Lesson Learned # 2: I need to have a backup way of exiting trades in the event my internet ever goes down again. My thought on this is to get the trading desk on the contacts list on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is more cumbersome to call, but I need to be able to exit trades at all times. The phone can give me this capability. The second plan is to have the trade platform added to the phone. The app is available, I just need to get it installed and tested.


Today was nice in that the morning was low stress and an excellent trade developed that led to five winners overall. Just what I hope to see much more often.

I hope you are educated and entertained by reading these independent trading articles. I have certainly enjoyed writing them. Although, I must say I enjoy writing about good trades much more than my foolish mistakes.

Just as every day, if you have any comments, please leave them in the comments box below or send me an email to .

Other currency trading methods I am testing;

  1. Master Traders: I am using two of these set it and forget it professional trade mirroring programs. These might be an excellent way to earn while you learn or for people who feel more comfortable having professionals trade for them. The Master Traders I am using are Simply Sterling and Euro Trader Master.
  2. Live Trading Rooms: The live trading rooms which happen in both the New York and London Forex sessions give you a chance to execute hands on trades while being guided and educated by professional traders and educators.
  3. Independent Trading: Just me trading at home against all the giant banks of the world. Armed with my trusty MetaTrader 4 and the Harmonic Scanner.

My current recommendation:

Like I said at the beginning of this article, for additional details on a fully automated, set it and forget it, artificial intelligence currency trading program called RYZE.Ai from Hodo Global , watch the videos below.

RYZE.Ai and Hodo Global Videos

RYZE.Ai and Hodo Global Videos

Click here or on the Image Above for the RYZE.Ai and Hodo Global videos.

Once again, if you have comments or questions, please leave then below or contact me.




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