Xin’s Independent Currency Trading – 9/20/2016 – Back to Winning!

Introduction to RYZE.Ai:

New Zealand Gold Kiwi

New Zealand Gold Kiwi

Individuals sometimes tell me that they really enjoy reading my Forex trading adventures and they would like to make money trading currencies or commodities like oil or gold but they don’t have the time to learn all the methodologies necessary to be really good at trading. If you are one of those people, there is an excellent program called RYZE.Ai by Hodo Global. I can show  you how this fully automatic artificial intelligence software program, which  I use to generate consistent profits in my trading account, day after day and week after week. Independent analysis shows RYZE.Ai has earned 3.06% per month on average. For more information, please watch the overview videos, read more of my detailed articles, attend a Thursday evening webinar , check for a RYZE.Ai seminar in your area or send me an email or set up a time to talk to me personally.

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Now back to “the best of” my personal trading:

Another Slow Trading Day

Bay of Islands Victoria Australia

Bay of Islands Victoria Australia

The last few days have been very slow on the trading front. That is one thing about trades taken on daily charts, they can take many days or weeks to come to fruition. The profits can be great and the pace is much less frantic which can be a stress reliever but it sure hasn’t given me much to write about in the last few days. So, I am going to have to start doing more of my own trades, otherwise I will not have much trading to write about.

In my last few posts I have been writing about the Daily Swing Trades that I have been involved in trading. I have also written about my own trades on days when there are no Daily Swing Trades and occasionally even when there are daily swing trades.

Today there is no new trade called, but there is an open trade which I will cover below.

Previous Daily Swing Trade Results: Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar (AUDNZD)

A few days ago, a signal was given for a Daily swing Trade for the AUDNZD currency pair, which is shown in the screenshot below. I entered this trade soon after as shown in some of the screenshots below.

 (AUDUSD) Daily Chart Daily Swing Trade on 9-13-2016 Chart F

Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar (AUDUSD) Daily Chart Daily Swing Trade on 9-13-2016 Chart F

Chart from Harmonic Scanner:

If you look at this screenshot from the Harmonic Scanner you can see the trade is starting to move in my direction. This daily trade has a very wide range, hundreds of pips at even the first profit target. It also has very wide stop loss point. So, if you look at the daily swing trade chart you will see that we adjusted the stop loss to be a more acceptable risk for the average trader.


Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar (AUDNZD) Daily Swing Trade Results on 9-20-2016


My Chart of the AUDUSD Daily Swing Trade:

This shows when the trade was called, when I entered the trade and the stop loss, entry range and profit target for this trade.


Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar (AUDNZD) Daily Swing Trade Results for 9-20-2016

Bay of Islands Coastal Park – Victoria, Australia:

Bay of Islands Coastal Park - Victoria, Australia

Bay of Islands Coastal Park – Victoria, Australia

Anyone who is a regular readers of my articles know I like to include some geography or history about places related to currencies I am trading. Today I am in a trade involving the Australian Dollar so I included some information about a place called the Bay of Islands Coastal Park.

From Bay of Islands Coastal Park website:

“Stretching from Peterborough to Childers Cove (22 kms east of Warrnambool) the Bay of Islands Coastal Park protects a 32 kilometre long narrow strip of coastal heathland and a series of secluded coves protecting rare flora and fauna. Just off shore ancient limestone pillars stand tall in the ocean while caves, arches and grottos provide panoramic viewing.

The Bay of Martyrs on the outskirts of Peterborough, (Warrnambool side) offers great photographic/video opportunities from elevated platforms, especially at sunset and sunrise. Marvel at the ancient limestone towers and spectacular coastal scenery. Descend the steps to the long sandy beach which is protected from easterly winds-a great place to stroll and appreciate this natural sculptured park.

Track at the eastern end of the carpark leads to Halladale Point the site where the Falls of Halladale (1886-1908) ran aground in 1908. For more information see Shipwrecks page. Halladale Point was also known by another name – Massacre Point it was rumoured early Europeans killed a group of local aborigines by driving them off a cliff.

Bay of Islands Coastal Park - Victoria, Australia

Bay of Islands Coastal Park – Victoria, Australia

Crofts Bay Lookout just past Worm Bay walks to some of the beaches.

Bay of Islands Coastal Park - Victoria, Australia

Bay of Islands Coastal Park – Victoria, Australia

Antares Rock where The Antares was wrecked in 1914.

Childers Cove also the scene of a tragic shipwreck the coastal trader Children sank near here in 1839.”

Bay of Islands Coastal Park Pictures:

Some of the sights you can see at the Bay of Islands.

Bay of Islands Coastal Park - Victoria, Australia

Bay of Islands Coastal Park – Victoria, Australia

If you like to travel check out my travel blog here.

Map of Bay of Islands Coastal Park, Australia:


I talked about the one trade I am in which is a daily swing trade called a few days ago. It is going in my direction and I look forward to see how this develops over the next few days.

If you want more details about Forex  trading or have any comments on my pictures, click here or on the image below to see some videos or feel free to leave them below or send me an email at

My current recommendation:

Like I said at the beginning of this article, for additional details on a fully automated, set it and forget it, artificial intelligence currency trading program called RYZE.Ai from Hodo Global , watch the videos below.

RYZE.Ai and Hodo Global Videos

RYZE.Ai and Hodo Global Videos

Click here or on the Image Above for the RYZE.Ai videos.

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