Xin’s Independent Currency Trading for 3/22/2016 – Winning with the Canadian Dollar!

Introduction to RYZE.Ai:

RYZE.AI Trading Methodologies

RYZE.AI Trading Methodologies

People who have read my articles have sometimes told me often that they really enjoy reading my trading adventures and they would like to make great returns trading currencies or commodities like silver or gold but they don’t have the time to master all the skills necessary to be really good at trading. If you are one of those individuals, there is an excellent software algorithm called RYZE.Ai by a company called Hodo Global. I can show you how this fully automatic artificial intelligence software program, which  I use to generate consistent returns in my trading account, day after day and month after month, can benefit you as well. Independent analysis (I will post a blog with links soon.) documents RYZE.Ai has earned 3.06% per month on average. For more information, please watch the overview videos, read more of my detailed articles, attend a Thursday evening webinar , check for a RYZE.Ai seminar in your area or send me an email or set up a time to talk to me personally.

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Why RYZE.Ai?

Now back to “the best of” my personal trading:


Canadian Maple Leaf

Canadian Maple Leaf

This is my daily trading report for Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016. My daily trading report is where I cover my individual trading actions. This is where I venture out into a Forex ocean filled with giants. These giants include Central Banks, Governments, Huge Banks, Hedge Funds, International Corporations and millions of individual traders. Unlike the Live Trading Rooms where I can follow a mentor to trade or the Master Traders in the automated trade mirroring where professionals do the trading, in my independent trading  it is just me using the tools provided like the Harmonic Pattern Scanner and all the knowledge I have gained to battle these giants on the Trading battleground.

For the other programs, check out my weekly trading reports where I review the Live Trading Rooms and the Master Traders from the FXSignalsLive hands-free, mirror trading program.

 Morning Tuesday 3/22/2016

Signal: Euro / Canadian Dollar (EURCAD)

This looked like a good signal to me. I waited until there was a nice confirmation bar to show a reversal. So, I took two positions. Let’s see how this one turns out.


Euro / Canadian Dollar (EURCAD) Harmonic Butterfly Pattern on Hourly Chart on 3/22/2016 at 5:43 AM


Signal: Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar (AUDCAD)

This trade gave a signal and the follow through to the downside seemed to indicate a reversal so I entered 2 positions during the night and when I woke, it had already hit my two profit targets. This was a quick winning trade, I want more like this one.


Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar (AUDCAD) Harmonic Shark Pattern on Hourly Chart on 3-22-2016 at 5:44 AM


Evening Tuesday 3/22/2016


Results: Euro / Canadian Dollar (EURCAD)

I must have missed taking a screenshot of this one, but I ended up hitting the two profit targets making this a nice trade. A very good day for Canadian Dollar trades.

Signal: Euro / US Dollar (EURUSD)

This is one of the first signals I have taken on a 5 minute chart as opposed to the hourly chart. Taking signals on the shorter timescale can be a challenge because you have to really be on top of things and be ready to act quickly. These trades can be condensed in both heir duration and the moves are often smaller. The trade below quickly hit my first two profit targets, making a decent profit very quickly. I didn’t even catch a screenshot afterwards. The problem with the shorter, compact trades is that by the time you get a confirmation, the confirmation move may have already hit the first profit target. I need to do more of these shorter trades to figure out how to react faster, if that is possible. I don’t want to skip getting confirmations, so I am still figuring this one out.


Euro / US Dollar (EURUSD) Harmonic Gartley Pattern on 5 Minute Chart on 3/22/2016 at 644PM

Today’s Geography Lesson: Capital of Canada

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned 1: Always wait for reversal confirmations. It is tempting to jump in on the signals generated by the five minute charts because they can move very fast. However, reversal confirmations are still needed, I just have to figure out how to see them faster.

Lessons Learned 2: Always check orders to ensure accuracy before submission. I accidentally sold when I meant to modify an order to change a stop loss. Instead I exited the position. This was a true error. I just made a mistake updating an order. I need to be more careful.


Not too many trades today. I was pretty busy and spent less time than usual checking out trades. There was an Easter Music special at church that some friends were singing in, so that took precedence. Plus we are packing for vacation. Next week my son has spring break and we are going on a cruise out of Galveston, Texas. So, packing is the name of the game this week.

I really need to work more on figuring out my reaction times on the five minute chart signals. Perhaps I will just have to realize that you miss a large percentage of these trades because they move to fast to get in. However, there are a great many of these signals generated, so perhaps that will give me a chance to catch enough of these to make it worthwhile. Another option is to just take single positions in these trades and get out at the first profit target. That reduces the risk if the trade fails and perhaps lets me judge the reversal confirmations more quickly. I am not sure yet. I am just going to have to try some different things here. I am also going to reach out to some fellow traders to pick their brains and see if anyone has something that is working for them. Stay tunes.

My current recommendation:

Like I said at the beginning of this article, for additional details on a fully automated, set it and forget it, artificial intelligence currency trading program called RYZE.Ai from Hodo Global , watch the videos below.

RYZE.Ai and Hodo Global Videos

RYZE.Ai and Hodo Global Videos

Click here or on the Image Above for the RYZE.Ai videos.

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